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fear102.jpg (3296 bytes)     My name is Ryan and I do the best to look like I'm working throughout the day in Columbus, Ohio. After work I do my best to find whatever sport is the most likely to do me serious physical harm.   Oh yeah, and I love hockey.

     When it comes to movies I am of the opinion that Hollywood is dead.  The only entertainment value I find in most movies anymore is in how insulting they are and the general commentary they make about the public which finds entertainment in them.  This is a town that will occasionally stumble onto a hit entirely by accident "American Pie" and then create a sequel "American Pie 2" which is 100% completely and entirely the same movie and be applauded for the creativity and originality it took to contrive this brilliance.  This is a town that has come up with these 4 rules which cannot be broken and completely ruin virtually every film made.

Rule 1:  If a film is a suspense film, it must end in a fight scene in which the bad guy despite being a regular person shows a superhuman ability to continue to not only live but fight on.

Rule 2:  If a film is a drama, it must end in a courtroom scene.  I will turn off or leave any film that ends in a courtroom without hearing the verdict on general principle alone.  I mean come on, Patch Adams ending in a courtroom?  Give it up.

Rule 3:  If a film is an action movie, it will end with first a false bad ending that includes an explosion, followed by a good ending that makes the false bad ending seem not so bad.

Rule 4:  If a film is a romance, well I don't know how any of them end because I don't really pay attention, but they damn well better end up with my dates clothes in a pile in the corner of my bedroom