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havvers.jpg (3631 bytes)     My full name is Philip Anthony Havercroft (just call me Phil though).  I live in a small villlage on the outskirts of Hull, called North Ferriby, in England.  I'm 24 years old.  To earn my daily bread, I work during the day at a finance company, and by night or on weekend, I earn extra money screenwriting for film, radio and a little bit of T.V.  I can't overestimate to you how much I love the movies, from big budget no-brainers to tacky Japanese horror to life-affirming small independant films.  My three all-time fave movies (in no order) are : The Third Man, An American Werewolf in London and Goodfellas (although every now and again these could change depending on my mood!) I love film and I also love giving my opinion on movies. I have a huge collection of movies at home, (VHS&DVD's).   Although since my g/f and I started saving to get married my collection has begun to grow more slowly than it used to!  I go to the cinema at least once or twice a week, maybe not though if no decent looking films are being released though.