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      My name is Karin Jared I am 29 years old and live in Austin, Texas, the "Live Music Capital of the World".  Movies are my passion.  I own a large collection of VHS and DVD and go to the movies more than any one I have ever met. I enjoy all genre but, I really love independents and dramas. The movie subset that I absolutely cannot stand is slapstick/stupid or gross-out comedy ("Dumb and Dumber", "Dude Where's my Car", "Shanghi Noon", etc.).  I have seen a lot of these but, I will not catch them at the movies. I find it appalling that there have been so many "box-office hits" from movies that are more than sub-par ("Lord of the Rings", "Pearl Harbor", "MIB" and "Rush Hour 2").   There seems to be a "dumbing down" of the movie-goer and the public is paying big bucks to these studios to encourage their uninspired movie making process. So...Off that soapbox. I am not sure what my top 10 favorite movies of all time are but, I will list a few of my favorites (most from the past year) in no particular order.

Once Were Warriors (top 3)
Natural Born Killers
In the Bedroom
Monster's Ball
Life as a House
Moulin Rouge!
A Clockwork Orange
Gone with the Wind

There are many more but that is enough for now.  I hope you enjoy your time at the movies and if you want to comment on my reviews or have questions please email me at