Simon Tomlinson
Member, MFS Movie Database
simon.jpg (5160 bytes)      Hi to everyone who cares about me enough to view my bio. If you are here just for the sexual eyecandy then you will be severly disapointed. I am 32 and live in Sheffield UK with my partner Michelle of 14 years and my 3 kids Ashley, Luc and Shannon. I hold them all dear to me but sometimes feel I need a little distraction which is where my own website came into being last November. From the begining of this period I have found great joy in both building my own site and writing the reviews for it which I now share with Marcus and the rest of the MFS family. Don't get me wrong just because I write reviews for Asian cinema it doesn't mean I dont watch anything else. For example this last week I have watched "The Big Lebowski", "Blade 2", "Vidocq", "Tiger Cage", "Rocco's True Anal Stories #14 ;) and Bichunmoo (again). My tastes are so diverse it is easy to find something good to watch. My favourite directors include Luc Besson, Clive Barker, Quentin Tarrantino, Guy Ritchie and Yuen Woo Ping. Films come and go like the wind but the titles that immediately spring to mind as memorable and highly entertaining include :-

France: Nikita, Le Grande Bleu, Delicatessen, La Haine, Brotherhood of the Wolf
Germany: Run Lola Run
England: Snatch, Love, Honour and Obey, Sexy Beast, The Long Good Friday
USA: True Romance, Meet Joe Black, Scarface, Up in Smoke, Toy Story
Korea/Japan/China/HK: Bichunmoo, Iron Monkey,  Kakashi, The Bride with White Hair, The Killer, Shaolin Soccer

     I am the type of person to call it how I see it, I will not be swayed by the majority and see my own individuality as being my highest virtue. Sometimes this causes problems especially with fans of both Bruce Lee and the film "Goodfellas". As neither share any appeal for me. I am also lazy and find it hard to actually break my fat ass of the sofa long enough to actually type any reviews up so dont expect tons and tons of reviews every week.